Terms of Service


I understand that the Global IT Vision (Pvt) Ltd ("GITV" or the "Company") voice ads / robo calls services are to be used for the intended purpose of communicating with our members or contacts and will not be used for solicitation and/or un-authorized telemarketing. Spamming will result in termination of account and no fees will be refunded. Additionally, client using the service in such manner shall be liable for fines and any applicable penalties as defined by the Government of Pakistan.

Further, I understand that this service shall not be used to transmit messages that contain profane language and/or other material deemed to be offensive to the recipients or GITV or Government of Pakistan and agree that any use of the Voice Ads / Robo Calls Service will conform to legal use only.

What our clients say about us

“There is no way I could achieve my current sales volume without using GITV Robo Calls. It is very fast and inexpensive, and I love it..Himalyan Pharma

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Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
One of our Early Customers.

PML N Chief used our services during the 18th February Elections to approach Millions of voters in Punjab. Leading news papers declared it as "Nawaz Sharif using Scientific manner to contact Voters"

Imran Khan
PTI Chief Loves our System and Services

PTI used our revolutionary system in many of its Jalsas.Voice of Imran Khan was delivered to Millions of people all across Pakistan , media said "Karachi goes gaga over Imran Khan telephone call, in new PTI marketing ploy"