Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Voice Ads / Robo Calls ?

A. This service allows our customers to create and rapidly disseminate time-sensitive messages to every targetted telephone / mobile phone number stored in the database. It's a simple but incredibly effective way to communicate with large numbers of people very quickly.

Q. Who should use Voice Ads / Robo Calls ?

A. Any organisation or business that needs to communicate with large numbers of customers, employees or client groups. This could be a private sector business that wants to improve sales or customer relationship, or a public sector organisation that needs to stay in touch with the users of its products or services.

Q. Why is Voice Ads / Robo Calls more effective than traditional forms of marketing ?

A. There are many reasons. Paper-based and email-based marketing are extremely ineffective in most situations. We all know what happens when you receive Spam email or junk letters - they go straight in the bin! Voice Ads / Robo Calls reach the customer in a much more direct manner - via their phone. Voice Ads / Robo Calls have been shown to be hundreds of times more effective than traditional marketing methods. In addition, a voice message costs less to deliver than a posted letter or a message delivered by a telemarketing agent. When you start using Voice Ads / Robo Calls, your response rates go up and your costs come down.

Q. How much does it cost ?

A. The costs depend on the volume and frequency of your messages, and the length of the message. The more you send, the cheaper each message becomes. For more details please contact us.

Q. How do the charges work ?

A. You are charged per successful message. This means that only calls that were picked up by a human or an answerphone are charged. If the call went unanswered - it hasn't cost you anything. This also applies to numbers that are out of service. When a customer is interested in your offer and requests to be transferred back to you, you are charged for the transfer.

Q. How quickly can i send a message to my customers ?

A. Our advanced systems can send hundreds of thousands of messages out per hour. In some public campaigns we have demonstrated over 160,000 per hour delivery speed. No matter how demanding your requirements, we have the capacity to deliver your message on time, every time.

Q. How long can a message be ?

A. Your message can be as long as you need it to be, from a few seconds to a few minutes. Typically, most messages last less than 60 seconds.

Q. How are my outbound messages recorded ?

A. You can record a message at any time by providng a pre-recorded message (in WAV or MP3 format) to us. When you're done, you can send your message to your customer database in seconds.

Q. What about if I don't have the capacity to handle all the inbound calls from customers ?

A. A nice problem to have! Our Voice Ads / Robo Calls can stagger the transmission of messages so that you are not overrun with calls from customers interested in your offer.

Q. How does the service work ?

A. Authorized officials record a voice message that is then delivered to the individual phone numbers in the database.

Q. What types of messages are allowed to be sent using the Voice Ads / Robo Calls ?

A. Any message which is not offensive and complies with the rules / terms would be distributed using our Voice Ads / Robo Calls, examples could include a Advertisement of your product or service, Emergency Notification about Earth Quake or Flood, Public Awareness and any other situation that could be useful to the clients.

Q. What precautions are being taken to protect personal information ?

A. At GITV we take security and privacy concerns very seriously and do not sell, trade, lease or loan any data about our clients to any third party. From a technical perspective, we utilize multiple physical and virtual layers of firewalls to maintain data security. We only utilize secure transmission with its customers. Confidential information is never transmitted.

Q. Is my telephone number included in the database ?

A. It is our intention and hope that every number provided by you is included in the database and your number will be included on request.

Q. Can i sent to Telephone, Mobiles , Wireless and Satellite phones ?

A. Yes you can send to every available type of telephony including Landlines, Mobile Phones, Wireless Phones and Satellite Phones.






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What our clients say about us

“There is no way I could achieve my current sales volume without using GITV Robo Calls. It is very fast and inexpensive, and I love it..Himalyan Pharma

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Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
One of our Early Customers.

PML N Chief used our services during the 18th February Elections to approach Millions of voters in Punjab. Leading news papers declared it as "Nawaz Sharif using Scientific manner to contact Voters"

Imran Khan
PTI Chief Loves our System and Services

PTI used our revolutionary system in many of its Jalsas.Voice of Imran Khan was delivered to Millions of people all across Pakistan , media said "Karachi goes gaga over Imran Khan telephone call, in new PTI marketing ploy"