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Global IT Vision (Pvt) Ltd (GITV) is a licensed call center from Pakistan Software Export Board since 2005 and generated export revenue in Millions. Outsourcing Today is considered as the most effective strategy of improving a business . Customers now see outsourcing as a strategy not a tactic. We collaborate with clients globally to solve their most pressing challenges from strategy through execution. Outsourcing your call center activities help you make rather than spend money. GITV improves customer satisfaction and retention while reducing your call center costs.

You must be thinking that "Why GITV?" Before we answer that question, let's consider a bigger one:

Why any call center?

Or more precisely, what benefits should you and your customers expect from your call center?

If your answers are anything like, "improved satisfaction from our customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty and profits for us," then you just answered that first question as well.

Do your answers include, "24/7 service" or "Quality solution" or "Improved stability and security"? If so, then once again you've also answered that first question.

And on top of it all, if your answers had anything in there about, "Keeping costs down while improving our call center monitoring and reporting," well, you guessed it. Even more reasons for you to trust GITV with your call center operations.

At GITV, we focus on solving the challenges many companies face when hiring a call center:

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What our clients say about us

“There is no way I could achieve my current sales volume without using GITV Robo Calls. It is very fast and inexpensive, and I love it..Himalyan Pharma

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Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
One of our Early Customers.

PML N Chief used our services during the 18th February Elections to approach Millions of voters in Punjab. Leading news papers declared it as "Nawaz Sharif using Scientific manner to contact Voters"

Imran Khan
PTI Chief Loves our System and Services

PTI used our revolutionary system in many of its Jalsas.Voice of Imran Khan was delivered to Millions of people all across Pakistan , media said "Karachi goes gaga over Imran Khan telephone call, in new PTI marketing ploy"